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Thursday, 8 March 2018

QuickBooks Data Import Integration Solution (Transaction Pro Importer)

QuickBooks has been acting as the accounts and finance support backbone of many small and middle scale businesses. Most of the entrepreneurs prefer QuickBooks as their accounting software for the flawless reports that the software generates and helps in prediction and taking decisions.

Financial statements are very much needed to understand the present stand of business and how much should be invested and whether the business is incurring profit or loss. Financial statements give us an insight into the compound or individual transactions going on in a single day and whether the company is heading in the right direction. If a novice is using QuickBooks software for the very first time, he/she has to trust the efficiency of the software and feed all data regarding the business in the software to get the required correct financial statement that will help them to make progress in business and take important decisions on their basis.

QuickBooks desktop version of the software or its online version serves equally well helping the customers to enter the transactions that are least possible to write check, make invoices, enter bills and receipts manually. If manual ways were quick and flawless then people would surely have opted for manual ways as men trust men more than software. But eventually it has been proved that manual ways do not seem to be much fruitful and there are more cases of error which is ultimately reflected in the financial statement thereby making the company go through heavy losses. And therefore they are using QuickBooks software. Here we will discuss few ways through which in a few clicks one can enter transactions in the software without any error. You can also contact our tech support experts by dialing QuickBooks Support Number +1-888-677-5770.

What is Transaction Importer? (Only for Desktop Version)

Transaction Pro is only applicable for desktop version of QuickBooks online version as there is already a bank feed mechanism available in QuickBooks Online.

Transaction Importer is an application available at and

There are many products which has developed and it gains a place among the users of QuickBooks.

Transaction Pro Importer:

This application will allow you to download all your business transactions at once. You can import all of your transactions like your bills, invoices and receipts and even for all types of lists like vendors, customers, employees and most importantly items with wide range of fields. One of the most important features is that it allows wide transaction mapping and the transaction will automatically get updated once it is integrated with QuickBooks company file.

Some other ways by which you can import files:-

  • Go to the File menu
  • Choose Utilities
  • Select import by that option you can only import Chart of Accounts with their balances

How the Transaction pro import Invoices?

There are some popular questions that people worry with when they are using Transaction pro for the first time to enter transactions. The questions are as follows:-

  • What if the customers in the invoices are?
  • Not available in QuickBooks (New Customers)
  • Are available in QuickBooks (Existing Customers)
  • How transaction pro solve these situations?

It is for common knowledge that at once you can enter only a single type of transaction and for other types you have to do them separately. When there is a new customer in an invoice, Transaction pro makes a new customer into QuickBooks and allocates the particular invoice to that customer. Secondly if the customer of the invoice is already available in QuickBooks or meanwhile if the invoice is of your existing customer than Transaction pro will allocate that invoice to your existing customer and will not make a duplicate entry.

What about items

This is complex area and needs to be dealt with carefully. Let’s take another example of the items that are being sold and are available in that invoice and there could also be two possibilities either the items that are sold are also available in QuickBooks or they are being sold first time and there is no record of these items in QuickBooks so what role the transaction pro plays in this situation.

As we know transaction pro can enter existing data like a real pro but we need to know what action is taken for new data for which a name has to be determined along with “Inventory Part, Non Inventory Part or Services” and whether we should attach or allocate at least one account that should be topped up with an amount when these items are sold like “Sales or Revenue”.

It is highly recommended that before any Import action takes place, one should always have a copy of QuickBooks company files as import cannot be reversed.

Some steps to show how to properly use Transaction pro and utilise its various features:-

  • Whenever you open Transaction pro, you are going to see a wizard first.
  • Here you should supply the information with some basic necessary information like the import type and browse the file to locate it and load it into transaction pro.
  • The Options button provides you with a lot of information. You can take a look at it and can set your own preferences on different matters.
  • After clicking next in the first dialog box view, you can see a summary of what is being imported in QuickBooks.
  • You can see it clear and can edit even in this box if something is not looking good.
  • After this, the window that appears is for field mapping should be seen carefully as it determines the way the fields are improvised in your accounting system which is QuickBooks.
  • You can allocate your spreadsheet fields with QuickBooks fields; transaction will automatically detect all the field columns and match them accordingly except those which are red so you have to set the red columns if there is any column available in your spreadsheet.
  • The very next window that appears when you hit next in the above window is very important in which you have to tell the things about the new items being added in QuickBooks.
  • You can see that you have to fill in the fields so transaction pro can add the items accordingly here so you can also see that you can only import one type of transactions at once.

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