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Friday, 2 March 2018

Double the efficiency of QuickBooks with new Gmail invoice feature

Running a business is quite a job. It’s not at all easy and involves a lot of work like entering and managing bulks of data. Also, handling of the invoices requires a lot of time and effort and the businessmen are found in need of help.

What if you didn’t need to leave Gmail and open a new tab to create a professional invoice? Sounds pretty good, right. The new Gmail add on with QuickBooks, helps you with the same.

What is QuickBooks?

Marketed and developed by the company ‘Intuit ‘, QuickBooks is an accounting software. It has various internet-based features for example remote payroll assistance, online payment and outsourcing services etc.

What is the Gmail add-on feature with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks, in integration with Google Gmail, has introduced a new add-on feature. This feature enables the users of QuickBooks to receive online payments and create and send professional invoices directly through Gmail.

Before the Gmail invoicing feature of QuickBooks, the users had to go through the tedious process of transferring the from the G suite (the group of smart apps developed by Google, includes Gmail, docs, calendar, and drive, specially designed for businesses) to QuickBooks. The process was long and had quite a significant probability of mistakes creeping in the records. By the introduction of Gmail invoicing, which works in direct collaboration with QuickBooks, the need for transferring the data has been eliminated.

Benefits of this feature:

This feature of QuickBooks in collaboration with Google has achieved a great response from the business community of the world. It has many benefits for example:

1- It has made maintaining the record of invoices very easy.
2- You can easily create and send invoices.
3- It saves a lot of time.
4- Keeps all the information synchronized.
5- You can even edit and make changes to the invoices you have sent. The changes would show in the invoice, next time the customer opens it.
6- It also allows you to see when your customer saw the invoice that you have sent.
7- Reduces the chances of errors and mistakes.
8- All the information regarding the invoices stays organized in one place.
9- Every record is up to date.

How to use the new add-on Gmail invoicing:

You can start using the QuickBooks Gmail invoice feature; just follow the following simple steps:
1- Open your Gmail account (creates a Gmail account if you don’t have one and log in).
2- Install the QuickBooks invoicing for Gmail.
3- Return to Gmail account and click on the QuickBooks icon on the top right corner of the Gmail window.
4- A separate dialog box will open, click on the ‘authorize access ‘.
5- Allow the QuickBooks app access to your Gmail account.
6- If you are an existing user of the QuickBooks app, simply log in with your Intuit account.
7- If you don’t have a QuickBooks account, create an account with Intuit and log in.

If you are still facing issues in Gmail invoice features, you can contact our experts by dialing our QuickBooks Support Number 888-677-5770.

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