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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Top 10 websites to make money online easily

1. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is one of the best and easiest way to make money from online. Nowadays, most of the bloggers and other business websites are using google adsense to earn money. Little knowledge in HTML programming is enough to work with adsense program. We can use this program for our websites and blogspots to earn money.

For blogspot(i.e, we should have to show that, our blog is alive for more than six months. After the completion of six months, we easily get the ads from google adsense. Click Here to sign up for Google Adsense.

To Sign up:

2. Chitika:

Chitika is a best alternative for Google Adsense. If you are having more traffic from USA and Canada, better you can use this program to earn more money. They are providing ads for websites and blog publishers. To get ads from chitika, you should have own website or blog to earn money.


3. Infolinks:

Another great adsense alternative for website or blog publishers is infolinks. The infolink provides inbounded text links and banners for our blog or website to earn money.


4. Odesk:

It is a best website for freelancers. You can earn more money depends on your skill. If you are having more skills, you can earn even $500 per hour. Good communication skill and written English is must to earn here.


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5. Vibrant Media:

It is similar to the infolinks and it is one of the best text ads providers for blog and site publishers. The main advantage of this site is, they provide contextual ads related to your content in the site.


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6. Amazon Affiliate:

Get any kind of products from Amazon and sell it through your website or blog to earn commissions. The commission rates are depends on the product you going to sell. Recently they are also providing commissions for just referring others, just make a Sign Up Here and Make Money in easy way.

Click the Given Link for Amazon Affiliate:

7. Commission Junction:

It is a product of, and it is similar to Amazon affiliate. But this website is having vast number of renowned companies to promote their products. We can earn money depends on our sale or lead of a product.


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8. Click Bank:

The click bank is popular for digital products. Here we have to get the detailed information of a product and write a review in our site or blog to earn money. The earnings from click bank is negotiable, we can earn more money from this site for promoting their products. They covers more than 10,000 number of digital products.


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9. Qadabra:

It is another best alternative for Google Adsense. Instead of using adsense program, we can use the banner ads from qadabra. The ads are contextual related to your content.


10. Adsplay:

It is similar to qadabra, but the ads are not contextual. The ads given by them are static; we have to choose the ad which suited best to our site or blog. They are providing good payout for the users. Both sales and leads type of ads are promoted by them. They are also supporting email marketing, if you are having a good mail list, you can easily earn more money.


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