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Friday, 20 January 2017

Tips and Tricks to secure your Hotmail account from Hackers and Malware Actions

Email accounts are used for anything from personal to professional level. An Email account is the primary component of your online identity and yet it is left unsecured the most. Email accounts may be virtual but once it is hacked, the consequences and damages are very real because most of the purchases, registrations, renewals, password reminders, transactions etc. are sent to your inbox. So if your account is hacked, then it will let you into serious issues. So you should follow the below mentioned points to keep your account safe, secure and private.

Create a strong and secure password:

Users should always make sure that they have strong and secure password for their account. You can use special characters, numbers, upper and lower case alphabets of almost any length. Users can use the correct combination of special characters, alphabets and numbers to create a strong password for the account.

Use a reliable Secondary Email Address:

During the creation of your account, there is a field of secondary email address. For security purpose you should fill that space with a reliable email address that will help you to recover your password or any account related issues.

Always try to open your account in your own system –

Try to open your account in your own system. Sometime people open their account in someone else's system, if you do this in any case then it is mandatory to delete the history at that particular of time.

Change account password at certain intervals:

You should change your password at regular interval of time. So that hackers can never track a clue to hack into the account.

Be sensible with your security question:

You should be sensible when you choose your security question at the time of registration because it may ask about your security question if you fails to login or forget your password.

Add security notification when logging –

By doing this, whoever is trying to login your account, you will get notification in your phone and reach the person if some sort of malfunctioning is being performed.

Avoid Public WiFi-

You get happy when you found unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot and start using it. You should avoid using public Wi-Fi for accessing email or transacting online with a credit card. You should strictly avoid accessing your emails on unsecured network. There is no issues of casual browsing and YouTube watching (without logging in).

Never share the account password with anyone–

You should never share your account details with anyone either he/she is your best friend or something because you never know when the person will become your hardest enemy and do all sorts of malicious activities with the account.

Login regularly:

Checking your mail regularly is a good thing because if the hacker knows the answer to your security question, they cannot use it immediately to reset your password and break your account. Login regularly will also help reset the Hotmail account’s expiry date.

Hotmail Support

Users can also get sufficient knowledge by availing Hotmail Customer Service by dialing 1855-721-1033 and seeking certified technical experts advice. Users will get assisted in the best possible manner about how to secure and protect and complete privacy of the account.

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