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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How to Clear Paper Jam Error in Dell Printer?

Dell is specialized in wireless, inkjet and laser printers. Paper jams in your favorite Dell printer is really a frustrating experience, particularly during the busy working hours. One way to reduce the paper jams is to keep your stock of papers in a dry and a cool place.

Resolving the Paper Jam Error in your Dell Printer

In order to resolve the issue, the steps that are followed are:

1. Turning off the printer
The printer is turned off and the printer is unplugged form the A/C outlet.

2. Open the Cover and Check the paper path
The main cover of the printer is opened and frees the paper, by moving the print head in a sideways location. In case of a inkjet printer, it is the print head that moves across the page, the print head may get stuck against the paper. The print heads are handled with utmost gentleness, as there are chances that they break.
The printer is first opened and then the paper path is checked either for a paper jam or a paper misfeed. Next, you need to refer to the paper path diagrams in the inside cover for key areas. Alternately, refer to the printer manuals by downloading and viewing them.

How to Resolve Paper Jam Error in Dell Printer

3. Slow Removal of the Jammed Papers
The jammed paper are grasped firmly but then pulled slowly. Pulling roughly causes injuries. The crumpled and the waded up papers, the jammed papers are removed with utmost care. The following points must be considered:

  • For the narrow areas, tweezers are used. The paper is pulled all the more slowly when using a tweezer.
  • The paper must be allowed to move in its natural direction
  • If the only way that remains is tearing the paper, hold the paper from both ends of the jam.

4. Incorrect angling of the paper
If the paper is angled in an improper fashion, then there is wrong misfeeding of the paper, so the solution is to remove the entire stock of paper and then they are re-inserted, with the guides being adjusted in the right way.

5. Close the printer cover
The printer is closed and then it is plugged back to the A/C outlet.

6. Turning the printer on
The printer is put on , but if the paper still jams, then you are advised to repeat all the previous steps. (1-6).

7. Cleaning the print heads
If bulk of the paper is removed and still there are persistent printer issues, then you may go for a print head cleaning process.

8. The printer job is resend
Finish the printing job, once the problem is resolved.

If you are still unable to start off the printer, then best way is to get connected to the Dell printer support number, for a resolution the issue. There is no need to waste your valuable time behind such a common problem, as that increases the frustrations and just take assistance, from the Dell printer support number. The professionals at Dell support will help you in the best possible manner, with a speedy and easy resolution for your problem.

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