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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to adjust BIOS Settings in Dell Laptop

Dell is an American company who is known for their computer, laptops, tablets, printers and many more computer related products and services. Company is named after its founder, Michael Dell. This is among the biggest technological companies in the world. Dell has more than 1, 00,000 employees world-wide.

Dell is a leading name in the market of Laptops. Their laptops are very advanced and technically updated. One major issue that occurs in front of everyone is BIOS settings. Many of us do not know about the components and the settings of our system. BIOS settings are among of them.

What is BIOS?

BIOS, it is basically used for “Basic Input-Output System”. These BIOS settings determine laptop’s hardware activities during boot process. By accessing BIOS settings, you can make easy adjustments to the settings of your laptop’s hardware, including date and time changing, passwords, screen’s brightness and processor speed and boot drive sequence etc. You can also get important reports like size of hard drive, battery health and charge etc. In fact, these BIOS settings are must.

How to adjust BIOS settings?

BIOS settings are must for any system to access it smoothly and hassle free. You can also adjust these BIOS settings by following four simple steps in your Dell laptop. These four steps are:

- STEP: 1

Reboot your laptop or you can simply turn on your Dell laptop. This is first and the most important part of BIOS settings.

-STEP: 2

Now, Press F2 key when the screen appears. It is very difficult but you can constantly press the F2 key until you see the note of “Entering Setup”. Pressing this key will not have any harmful effects. If you have new model of Dell laptop then it is perfectly fine. But, if you have older model, you might need to press either “Ctrl + Alt +Enter”, “Fn+F1”, “Fn + Esc” or just enter “Delete” key. If you feel any difficulty, you can ask for the help from Dell Support.

-STEP: 3

Now use arrow keys to navigate the BIOS. Your cursor will be out of action in BIOS. Commands for navigation and saving must appear at the bottom side of your BIOS screen.

-STEP: 4

Last and final step is very essential. Now, push “Esc” to quit or “F10” to save your changes. If a prompt is appears while saving the changes, simply press key “Y” for YES or “N” for NO.

Get easy solution with Dell support

Customer support is the real back-bone for any organization. Dell is serving best customer support for every product and service. They have highly skilled executive to give the best customer support. If you have any issue regarding their desktop, laptop, printer or anything, you can simple contact their customer support. Dell Printer Support Number 1-888-989-8478 and other important numbers are available round the clock to provide the best ever solution. Dell support is among the quickest support in the world.

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