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Friday, 5 August 2016

General Issues Upgrading Your Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Very often, a user encounters many general issues, while upgrading the Dell Laptop to Windows 10. The Dell customer support numbers resolves all the issues. Some of these general issues are:

Encrypted hard drives are unable to upgrade to Windows 10

Dell Data protection software is a type of encryption software, for the hard drive and whenever your laptop uses this software, the Windows 10 up gradation process fails. Before, one decides to upgrade the laptop to Windows 10 software, then the hard drive need to be decrypted and the encryption software is uninstalled. With the completion of the upgradation process, the hard drive is re-encrypted, while downloading the latest version of the data encryption software.

Unavailability of Cortana for all regions

Windows 10 Cortana application is sometimes not available in some of the regional languages.

Touch-pad function is lost after upgradation for selected 32-bit versions of Windows 7 /Windows 8.1

Some of the Dell laptops will lose their touch-pad function, while upgradation to Windows 10, 32-bit operating system.

Windows 10 Upgrade Technical Support 1-888-989-8478

Non-installation of Adobe Flash Player in Windows 10  

Adobe Flash Player may appear not to be installed after a successful upgradation to Windows 10. While using the Mozilla Firefox, the Adobe website is used for installation of the Adobe Flash Player.

Update required to Dell BackUp and Recovery 1.8

Before starting with upgradation of your laptop to Windows 10, one must update to Dell Backup and Recovery 1.8, if the user is currently using Dell Backup and Recovery 1.7 or older version.  After a successful upgradation of your laptop to Windows 10 an update becomes necessary to the Dell Backup and Recovery 1.8. The over-the-air update will allow to work normally with Windows 10, without any sort of action from the user’s side.

Windows 10 Hello Facial Recognition does not work on most Dell Computers

Intel RealSense/3D camera is a necessity, for supporting the facial unlock feature of Windows 10 Hello Facial Recognition system. Only five of the Dell Systems are equipped with Intel RealSense/3D camera ( Inspiron 2350, Inspiron 5457, Inspiron 5557, Inspiron 5459 and Inspiron 7459 ).

Issues faced by Miracast users

One may refer to issues faced by Miracast users, while upgrading to Windows 10. Some of the issues faced by the Miracast users are:
• Network Connectivity Issues
• Jittery Video quality
• Degraded Audio
• Wireless Display gets hung

 Errors for devices with low free storage space

Devices with smaller hard drives ( 32 GB or less) or hard disks, with low levels of free storage spaces, often face an error during the Windows 10 upgradation.

Issues faced by Intel Wireless Display (WIDI) Users

Similar the issues faced by the WIDI users are:
• Network Connectivity Issues
• Jittery Video quality
• Degraded Audio
• Wireless Display gets hung

Any of the pitfalls that appear during a Windows 10 installation are meticulously resolved by the Dell technicians at the Dell Laptop Support. Any hindrances faced with respect to your Dell laptop, are solved by the expert team at Dell customer support. Reach the Dell Customer Support Number 1-888-989-8478, for a speedy resolution of all the technical glitches.

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