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Saturday, 6 August 2016

A PM's first Townhall: The first time he spoke directly to the issue of cow - Some people set up shop in the name of cow protection

New Delhi. The first Town Hall for any Prime Minister in the country held in Delhi on Saturday. Like Zuckerberg-Obama style, the questions asked in this Town Hall to  Narendra Modi was decided in advance. They are the government's plans, stating achievements. But at the end of an half-hour speech gave big statement. Cow talk straight to the point, Modi said: "Sometimes, some shops opened in the name of cow protection sit. Makes me so angry .... Do they really Go Sevak the plastic closure. More plastic cows are dying by decapitation. ' What else Modi said at the town hall....

- It was the first time since becoming Prime Minister on the issue of cow frank a statement.
- He said, "Sometimes, some shops opened in the name of cow protection sit. Makes me so angry .... Cow slaughter is different. Go sevak are different. In the past, a battle of kings and kings. King had the cow. King understood that sin will have the cow will be killed. They were losing the battle. The win was the king of tricks."

- "Anti-social activity they do all night. But in the days of the Chola Gorkshk are wearing. I urge the state governments that the volunteers who have come out. Consider yourself big Gorkshk. Just prepare dossiers on them. Will such a racket that the 70-80 per cent, the society does not accept. But they have to hide their evils Chola get dressed."

-"If they are really so I urge Gosevk. Most cow for killing, not die from eating plastic. I was in Gujarat was then put cattle health camp. The operation was causing such cows. Once a cow carrying two plastic buckets turned over. They want a society, at least if you take the plastic closure would be a major Gosewa. These self torturing others, not to suppress. For this dedication, service, spirit of sacrifice should."

'Democracy does not mean that once vote only '

- He asked the three questions at the beginning of the town hall. At the beginning of an answer, he said: "The simple meaning of democracy in the country, it is believed that once the vote is given and the government contract.

- I voted for you, now you see. Nothing happened after 5 years to vote for the new government will find it, they did not let you now. It may not strengthen democracy.

- The need for public participation in a large country like India. It is possible through technology. Clean India campaign Agjampl participation is good.

- It is true that most of the governments in politics after winning the elections is the fact that they focus on how to win the next election.

- So that they are on the priority of their plans on how to increase its base. This shows that the purpose for which the caravan went down a few steps is.

Ravi Shankar Prasad Spoke - Country awakens, Be awakened

- The first two years of the government's website MyGov Ravi Shankar Prasad on the occasion of the completion of the program started. Prasad said the country is living in a tweet, should cultivate.

- Information and Telecommunications Minister said the government wants to get access to the public directly. Efforts are being made for it.
- The PM's 'mind' program was unique. Prasad said that 1.2 million people to the government through the program and have new ideas. The 78 million people who call to mind to.
- MyGov App and website about Prasad said the new platform for those who are able to say nothing to her through the television.

What happened in this program?

- Before he was invited to the Town Hall for 2,000 people. However, some people had the opportunity to ask questions. This program MyGov government website was launched 2 years after completion.
- 35.2 million registered users of this website, only two thousand were called.

PMO App has launched

- The program was developed over the course of the PM office has launched an app.
- This app DU (Delhi University) and his 3 friends along with 2 students have prepared.

What Exactly is the Town Hall?

- Town Hall means the chance to interact in Formal or Informal way. It is the public opinion or idea and are questioned.
- US President Barack Obama has been talking to the public via Townhall.
- Last year, when he went to the US with him Townhall was Mark Zuckerberg.
- CEOs in the corporate sector are such Townhall.

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