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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Top 10 Best Job Portals in India for Freshers and Experienced

India is a country of 1.2 billion individuals with nearly 60% of the population on the point of the age of 30 years. It's around 80% of the population employed and also the figures affirm the actual fact that employment isn't straight forward to urge and if you're employed, it's all the additional unlikely that you just can find yourself obtaining employment of your alternative. However, approaching the case within the right means is the best option. Online job forums have gained loads of credence within the times and have completely helped individuals gain employment of their choice. For best results, here are some best websites for getting employment easily. With the exception of these sites, is the immense network these days. The professionals & job seekers connect along to urge job news & connections.

If you are searching for a job for freshers or experienced, then we have listed the top job searching portals to help you out.

1. is the largest and reputed online job portal, that has the largest traffic of companies and job seekers, corporations altogether doable fields. The portal has additionally extended its services to wedding and property. The website initial came into being within the year 1997 and has been licenced as being the leading job portal of India by reviews and ratings.


This is another outstanding job portal, that has an equally large network of job seekers and providers. The portal offers jobs for job seekers altogether avenues and provides opportunities to job suppliers to seem for the proper folks with worthy ability sets.

3. is the leading and the largest job portal of India which help their users in choosing the foremost appropriate candidate for your company which can best suit with education and work expertise. It has grown in a short span of time and became popular job portal of India. It is also helpful for the employers to hire their employees easily.


This job portal is the subsidiary of the Times Group, and it quickly becomes the top job portals of India. It provides glorious opportunities both for employees and employers in all fields. The portal helps their users to show their work portfolio and platform for communicating with employers.


Freshersworld is one in all the most effective job portals for freshers. They conjointly offers opportunities to trained and skilled professionals. However, is most helpful if you're a fresher and checking out jobs. The portal helps you to connect with the correct folks over the internet and allow you to get employment on demand lines within the business of your selection. It's the foremost well-liked websites for freshers and user reviews for this site are outstanding.

6. is the most innovative and the largest online job portal in India. It is launched in 2008, over the past decade, It has become a distinguished name in the recruitment industry. The recognition of the portal is obvious from the actual fact that it's crossed 2.6 crores integer candidate landmark and has over 3 Lakh latest job vacancies from leading firms on the portal.

7. is reputed job portal for the job market in India that specifically caters to the requirements of employers and aspiring job seekers. is here to create the hiring method easier than ever before. Our proven, verified and interactive application tool forms the premise of an expert, straightforward and clear method for the recruiters and candidates.


Indeed the USA based job search engine that has currently expanded to over 60 countries round the world. The primary issue that strikes you as before long as you go online to this job portal is the clean and minimalist interface. In contrast to this search engine that area unit full of words and pictures, Indeed appearance simply accessible and arranged particularly for a new job seeker. You may nearly say that it's the Google of job search portals.


Job Sarkari is the new Job Portal of India that allows their users to search for relevant Jobs in the Government Sector and private sectors too. We listed Jobs According to the user qualification, location and Various Other jobs criteria.


Careerjet is the best job search engine designed to create the method of finding employment on the web easier for the user. It maps the large choice of job offerings available on the web in one in-depth information by referencing job listings originating from job boards, recruitment agency websites and enormous specialist recruitment sites.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Best Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Hi Guys, I am a work-at-home Mom, and I know how hard it is to manage our kids at home and job. Choosing to stay at home or go to work is a personal choice. I saw how stressed and perpetually busy life was when I was doing both, juggling my responsibilities in a full-time job and home, I felt that maybe being a housewife was a better option. I wanted both job and house wife and luckily my blog lets me work adequately around my family. That is the biggest reason why I started working from home. Since there are many work-at-home jobs around, but some of them suit for stay-at-home moms.

Today, I am listing some flexible and easy work-at-home jobs which are suitable for every moms who want to work around their family.

Search Engine Evaluator

By reading, this sounds like a technical role, but it is not, it is a very extensible and easy work-at-home job which does not require any technical experience. There are a lot of companies which offer roles in this field which are Lionbridge, Appen Butler Hill, Leapforce, iSoftstone. You will have to apply online, and perform an assessment test before you get hired.

The working hours varied depending on the project you are handling. The pay also varied depends on the country you are applying from.


Blogging was a big boon for me. I will highly recommend blogging for stay-at-home moms because of its flexibility. You can easily earn money from it using adsense. You can work anytime and generate considerable income from it. I usually work at nights and early mornings because this is the time when the kid usually sleep.

Chat Agents

Chat Agents are like customer service personnel who operates online. For starters, one of the greatest perceived perks for working from home is eliminating your commute. A chat agent role can be an excellent choice for stay-at-home moms. Every big businesses have an online presence, there is a constant need for chat agents.

Requirements you would need are, know your way working around computers and have the right attitude to help the customers. There are many websites which offer chat agents opportunities like Needle, Liveworld, Convergys, etc.


If you have an eye for detail, then try proofreading. Proofreading is a great work-at-home option for working moms, and it can surely give a continuous stream of income while working around the family. I will admit, though, that the joy of not commuting was wasted on me when I worked from home.

There are many companies which offer online proofreading or editing roles like ProofreadingPal, CactusGlobal, Proofreading Services, Kibin, Scribendi, etc. Some companies might need you to have a prior proofreading experience. If this is something you are interested in and want to give a try, check out this free proofreading course to get you started.


This is the most regulating term for online jobs. Scoping is a great work-at-home option for moms. Scoping is gaining popularity, and this is a very flexible. Scoping refers to editing the courthouse transcripts, and you can do it from anywhere around the World. Some requirements are- you need to have good grammar and command over English in addition to having proper training for this role.

Pet Sitting for Moms

You will find many pet owners in our area who needs someone to watch their dogs while at work. and are great sites to find such jobs. These sites allow you create your profile and set your prices. This is ideal job for stay at home moms, so the potential to earn hundreds of dollars per month is there.


You can get many IT projects like web designing, graphic design, SEO, social media marketing, programming, translation, virtual assistance, data entry, developing, Apps development and many core IT jobs and much more. Some IT professionals in various industries save overhead by outsourcing various technical and creative tasks to freelancers. If you have technical skill and knowledge or marketable skill and are able to meet deadlines then sites like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, PeopleperHour, FlexJobs, and Fiverr are great options for you.


These jobs are ideal for stay at home moms who have good command of the English language and excellent listening skills. Basically you just listen to an audio tape and type out in a plain texts what you hear. Many companies or clients require that you have some previous experience if you want to do medical and legal transcription jobs. These companies will hire you for general transcription without any prior experience. If you have this skill, you can find plenty of jobs to earn a decent amount of income every month. It takes a lot of patience and concentration to do transcription jobs.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

QuickBooks Data Import Integration Solution (Transaction Pro Importer)

QuickBooks has been acting as the accounts and finance support backbone of many small and middle scale businesses. Most of the entrepreneurs prefer QuickBooks as their accounting software for the flawless reports that the software generates and helps in prediction and taking decisions.

Financial statements are very much needed to understand the present stand of business and how much should be invested and whether the business is incurring profit or loss. Financial statements give us an insight into the compound or individual transactions going on in a single day and whether the company is heading in the right direction. If a novice is using QuickBooks software for the very first time, he/she has to trust the efficiency of the software and feed all data regarding the business in the software to get the required correct financial statement that will help them to make progress in business and take important decisions on their basis.

QuickBooks desktop version of the software or its online version serves equally well helping the customers to enter the transactions that are least possible to write check, make invoices, enter bills and receipts manually. If manual ways were quick and flawless then people would surely have opted for manual ways as men trust men more than software. But eventually it has been proved that manual ways do not seem to be much fruitful and there are more cases of error which is ultimately reflected in the financial statement thereby making the company go through heavy losses. And therefore they are using QuickBooks software. Here we will discuss few ways through which in a few clicks one can enter transactions in the software without any error. You can also contact our tech support experts by dialing QuickBooks Support Number +1-888-677-5770.

What is Transaction Importer? (Only for Desktop Version)

Transaction Pro is only applicable for desktop version of QuickBooks online version as there is already a bank feed mechanism available in QuickBooks Online.

Transaction Importer is an application available at and

There are many products which has developed and it gains a place among the users of QuickBooks.

Transaction Pro Importer:

This application will allow you to download all your business transactions at once. You can import all of your transactions like your bills, invoices and receipts and even for all types of lists like vendors, customers, employees and most importantly items with wide range of fields. One of the most important features is that it allows wide transaction mapping and the transaction will automatically get updated once it is integrated with QuickBooks company file.

Some other ways by which you can import files:-

  • Go to the File menu
  • Choose Utilities
  • Select import by that option you can only import Chart of Accounts with their balances

How the Transaction pro import Invoices?

There are some popular questions that people worry with when they are using Transaction pro for the first time to enter transactions. The questions are as follows:-

  • What if the customers in the invoices are?
  • Not available in QuickBooks (New Customers)
  • Are available in QuickBooks (Existing Customers)
  • How transaction pro solve these situations?

It is for common knowledge that at once you can enter only a single type of transaction and for other types you have to do them separately. When there is a new customer in an invoice, Transaction pro makes a new customer into QuickBooks and allocates the particular invoice to that customer. Secondly if the customer of the invoice is already available in QuickBooks or meanwhile if the invoice is of your existing customer than Transaction pro will allocate that invoice to your existing customer and will not make a duplicate entry.

What about items

This is complex area and needs to be dealt with carefully. Let’s take another example of the items that are being sold and are available in that invoice and there could also be two possibilities either the items that are sold are also available in QuickBooks or they are being sold first time and there is no record of these items in QuickBooks so what role the transaction pro plays in this situation.

As we know transaction pro can enter existing data like a real pro but we need to know what action is taken for new data for which a name has to be determined along with “Inventory Part, Non Inventory Part or Services” and whether we should attach or allocate at least one account that should be topped up with an amount when these items are sold like “Sales or Revenue”.

It is highly recommended that before any Import action takes place, one should always have a copy of QuickBooks company files as import cannot be reversed.

Some steps to show how to properly use Transaction pro and utilise its various features:-

  • Whenever you open Transaction pro, you are going to see a wizard first.
  • Here you should supply the information with some basic necessary information like the import type and browse the file to locate it and load it into transaction pro.
  • The Options button provides you with a lot of information. You can take a look at it and can set your own preferences on different matters.
  • After clicking next in the first dialog box view, you can see a summary of what is being imported in QuickBooks.
  • You can see it clear and can edit even in this box if something is not looking good.
  • After this, the window that appears is for field mapping should be seen carefully as it determines the way the fields are improvised in your accounting system which is QuickBooks.
  • You can allocate your spreadsheet fields with QuickBooks fields; transaction will automatically detect all the field columns and match them accordingly except those which are red so you have to set the red columns if there is any column available in your spreadsheet.
  • The very next window that appears when you hit next in the above window is very important in which you have to tell the things about the new items being added in QuickBooks.
  • You can see that you have to fill in the fields so transaction pro can add the items accordingly here so you can also see that you can only import one type of transactions at once.

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Deleting QuickBooks Cache Become Easier with QuickBooks Support Team

QuickBooks is the Intuit’s accounting software program which is designed to help small and midsized business to increase the productivity, organize the data and promote efficiency within the organizations with this online program. This accounting software is designed to make the process of tracking minor transactions and accounting easier and simpler. The online version of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online requires you to download it on your host system so that you can get access to the data stored on the servers of Intuits. The business data of your company is stored in the Web Cache of the browser temporarily. You can delete the QuickBooks Cache Data from Browser’s Cache by the way of browser’s user interface. But, if you face any difficulty in removing the cached data from the QuickBooks browser, then ensure to approach the QuickBooks Enterprise Support team to remove it professionally and keep you software function optimally.

There are many users who often complaint that the software is getting slower and working on the software is becoming a challenge and this can happen due to the cache data stored on the browser. In such situation the users can make call to the QuickBooks Support team online and get the required assistance to remove or delete the cached data. The professionally make use of different methods to eliminate the cached data and keep your software function again.

Deleting of QuickBooks Cache in Mozilla Firefox

  • The QuickBooks Support team will follow the below steps to delete the QuickBooks cache from the Firefox browser.
  • Open the Firefox browser on the host system and click the ALT button and toolbar button together of your Firefox browser
  • In the “Tools” option there will an option of “Advanced” which they will click and a new window will open where they will click the “Network” tab
  • There will be the option of web content heading under the cache data which they will click and finally press the “Clear Now” button to clear the QuickBooks cache from the browser

You can also perform these steps manually by your own if you are a bit tech savvy and if you face any difficulty in removing the cache data online from your software, then seek assistance of QuickBooks Enterprise Support team.

Deleting QuickBooks Cache in Internet Explorer Browser

  • Launch the Internet Explorer browser on the host computer and simply click on the “Tool” button
  • There will be the drop down menu from where you need to choose the “Internet” option
  • Again from the menu you need to click on the “General” option and click on “Delete Browsing History” and finally click on “exist” option
  • You need to know that if you follow the abovementioned steps then it will not only clear the QuickBooks Cache data but it will also delete the browsing history, stored password, auto-fills, web form information and temporary internet files.
  • Finally click on “OK”

If in case you face any difficulty in deleting the cached data of your QuickBooks browser, then ensure to contact the QuickBooks Support Team for professional help.

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Support for troubleshooting and repair QuickBooks

For all your business needs Quick book has all the necessary features. The key features are designed by keeping in mind the need of a small business enterprises. But troubleshooting or repairing a single fault can be a daunting task for a non-technical person. The troubleshooting services provided by us identifies and fixes the errors. Files that have been not properly set up, corrupted data files, accountings and procedural errors can give rise to number of faults and errors. Troubled QuickBooks files can be repaired by a very cost effective method of two step systematic approach. Being the boss of your business it is necessary for you to know the costing of each and every services provided to you. This helps you in decision making. The overall cost of fixing problems will be quoted to you as a firm price up front that will help you to make informed business decision.

Two step Process

The two step process include: analysis service for determination of the problem and repair or fix service. For single issues the analysis service finds out the problem and suggests the corrective measures. Our experienced team’s suggestions are user friendly and not very costly. You can fix the problem on your own by the report prepared on the error. Many single issues arises in day to day working of an enterprises. Our firm will do the deep audit of the errors and problem that are arising in the system. These errors and problems hold your work back thereby wasting your valuable time. Finding the solution to your problem is half work done. But finding the root cause will save you from future hindrance. Our team of experts will go to the root of the problem so that it can be rectified in-depth, saving effort, time and money. The free consultation is provided to you so that you become aware of our modus operandi. Though our rate of repair work is dollar 45 an hour but it also depends on the seriousness of the issue. A firm price will be quoted to you during the analysis session.

In depth file review

The clients come up to us with myriad problems, the most common of which are the unmanageable and meaningless files. After reviewing all the files comprehensively, the most cost effective corrective action is discussed with you. It should be noted that all the problems and errors of QuickBooks can be sorted if enough time and money is spend. Being the owner or manager of the business firm, it is up to you to decide whether you want the entire file to be repaired or you want a fresh start.

The solution

Only after comprehensive analysis and collecting the relevant information a firm quote on costing will be given to you on which you can decide future course of action. Depending on the features used in QuickBooks Support and the number of years your files has been used, the comprehensive analysis rate of the analysis ranges somewhere around 200 to 500 dollars.

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Causes and Solutions for Error 80070057 in QuickBooks

There are many dimensions in error so there are so many possible reasons why people who encounter this error face the various types of messages of the same error code while using their cookbook. I am talking about a message that has been popped out when an error occurs in the form of a dialog box under this error.

You will not get this all the time so I am going to discuss with every possible solution. One thing to remember is that the solution is provided on the basis of experience so that after applying all the solutions given in the articles if you are constantly facing, you should ask for technical support or QuickBooks Support or you can also ask for our Certified ProAdvisers.

Message 1:
“There was an un-expected error reported while trying to run Quickbooks”.

Message 2:
Error: “80070057 the parameter is incorrect and you don’t have sufficient access permission to delete files.”

Message 3:
Error: “80070057 the parameter is incorrect. There was an un-expected error reported while trying to run Quickbooks with company [location, company file name].”

Message 4:
Error: “80070057 the parameter is incorrect when clicking on a .QBB .QBM .QBW, ND or TLG file from a Google search timeline.”

There is an error in many possible reasons but you can take a clue from the message of this error that you should go in the direction of facing this error because you do not go into 4 different directions to solve the problem. You can take it out of time because it will happen but we can give priority to our options by looking at various possible causes and their various solutions.

One of my associate technical support advisors told me that "This error occurs when a user has to enter the QuickBooks as a user in a multi-user environment when users are facing this problem and it is so much that the problem immediately goes away when a user who logs in as a user, closes his QuickBooks and gets a multi Reopens as Yogkrta mode".

This is the same when someone uses a file through the windows explorer and is already using it in this situation, sometimes a second person cannot even open the file or if the file is being opened You cannot edit it as you saw this file Open in read only mode. This person had previously opened it and will take administrative rights first.

All Eruptions in Coochbuk have many types of symptoms and similar solutions that can be used in various types of errors being shown similar symptoms.

The solution that I will describe here for this error will be under four different types of messages. "Message 1" is an unexpected error. An unexpected error means that the QuickBooks were not expecting it but due to the influence of other applications, it happens that during the operation QuickBooks is in contact. There is a good possibility that the files are damaged.

It may be the QBW QuickBooks company file or it may also have QuickBooks installation files. Other possibilities usually occur as if your system cache is full. As you have not restarted it for a long time and this is why your computer does not have much room in temporary memory.

QuickBooks company file problem opens, you did not close your system properly, some of your QuickBooks company files have become corrupted. You were playing with your QuickBooks company file such as creating backups or making portable files there is no good reason.

If you are facing message # 1 then you may have very potential reasons and you feel that the reasons and circumstances given above are similar to your situation compared to following the solutions given below. But if you are facing any of the other 3 messages with a known solution yet but you can apply the same solution to get relief from this error in the shortest possible time to solve the problem. We should prioritize our list of tricks or methods that we are going to apply to address this brutal error. Time is summarized here and we cannot get rid of it at the best time without managing it.


  • Restart your PC - You have seen that whenever you complain about your PC's speed, your IT professional has to restart your PC if he asks about it. Okay because of its own self because I have noticed that people have put their laptops in sleep and they do not restart them for the week. Because of this, the cache fills an instantaneous memory. There is no room to open in the background to run behind the functions behind the applications used in the new extension files so the restart will be created and a new location will be created.

  • If your QuickBooks files have already been verified and there is no need to do so, then verify your QuickBooks installation again.

  • If a person with your colleagues accesses the QuickBooks as a single user mode in a multi-user environment, then asked him to turn off his QuickBooks and then to turn it back on with the multi-user mode. This is the most common cause of this error.

  • Bat, reboot.bat is a batch extension file that is present in the QuickBooks installation folder where installation files are usually placed in the C drive in Windows and Mac in the document, find the file and double-click it, it's all your QuickBooks registry files to re-register.

  • Highly recommended: If your problem has not been resolved and you have to face the same error after trying all of the solutions above, then you have to install and reinstall the QuickBooks.

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Monday, 5 March 2018

Shraddha Kapoor's First Look From Saaho Goes Viral

New Delhi: Much to the surprise of Shraddha Kapoor's fans, her look from the forthcoming film Saaho was revealed on Instagram. The picture, reportedly from the sets of the film, was shared by her makeup artist Shraddha Naik. In the picture, Shraddha dressed in a maroon shirt teamed with plaid trousers is seen giving out a stern look. Ms Naik captioned her post as, "#firstlook Shraddha Kapoor #sahoo #newfilm #newteam #oldus #prabhas ... Love my work. Thank you universe." Saaho, headlined by South superstar Prabhas, is a trilingual science-fiction thriller film and is being shot simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.

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Friday, 2 March 2018

QuickBooks Installation Issues Call Now 888-677-5770

QuickBooks is an accounting software which is basically used in small and mid-scale industries to manage their employee's salary and payroll. Every software may face some technical issues over a period of time. At that point of time, you need technical support guidance. QuickBooks Support is a technical support company provides support for QuickBooks software issues. Just connected with our certified QuickBooks Support technicians and they will fix your issues today.

If you are facing issues during the initial installation process of QuickBooks. Contact our QuickBooks Support experts @ 1-888-677-5770, we have professional experts to fix issues for every version of QuickBooks. We have experienced QuickBooks Support team which is able to resolve all kind of issues in a short span of time. You can also visit our site

We also provide technical support services for-

QuickBooks Enterprise Support
QuickBooks Payroll Support
QuickBooks POS Support
QuickBooks Tax Support
QuickBooks Customer Service

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Comparison Review: QuickBooks VS Sage 50 VS Xero VS Freshbooks VS Wave

Accounting software and large parts come in two categories: Traditional software based and cloud-based. Traditional solutions do not require an internet connection; they include a downloadable standalone program that can be operated from a PC. On the contrary, the cloud accounting solution includes a web-based interface that can be accessed through any web browser on any device which you can use to access your financial data.

For this article, we take a look at the most popular accounting solutions such as QuickBooks Pro, Sage 50, Xero, Freshbook, and Wave. With the exception of Wave, all other software solutions discussed here are paid.

QuickBooks Pro: The best traditional solution

QuickBooks was the first software-based accounting solution that actually took with the public and you did not need a degree in finance to operate and it is still the champion of the domain. The cost of the entry-level pro version is 299 US dollars and small businesses is the perfect offline accounting solution.

It's easy to use, has a comprehensive feature set and it matches well in your workflow if you already use other intivet products such as turbotex. However, intuit customer service is not for everyone's liking. Additionally, the entry-level version has very restrictive limitations on inventory features.

Sage 50: A good alternative to QuickBooks

Sage 50 sets a lot of the same feature sets that you get a tremendous advantage with QuickBooks: its inventory management features are similar to those of QuickBooks Pro. In USD 299, it costs the same as Quickbooks and it also comes with an interface that you can customize with a shortcut with frequently used functions and features.

Its customer service meets you with QuickBooks, even better than that, though it is not as good as the contestant and can be challenging for new users.

Xero: The best cloud accounting service

Zero is undoubtedly the way to go if you need cloud accounting services because of its pricing, elegant user interface and the ability to synchronize with many banks and other third-party software, QuickBooks Online removes their closest competitor from the edges. It also has a great mobile app.

Add to the excellent customer service and you have a winning formula that looks for specialist experts as well as business owners to do their books. The original "starter" plan starts at $ 9 per month and is done all the way to "premium", which costs 70 US dollars per month.

FreshBooks: A worthy competitor

The Freshbooks brings a fierce battle and uses some of the most accessible and easy tools for invoicing and managing projects. This is perfect for small service-oriented businesses, for which most traditional accounting tools are not required, mainly because the Freshbooks is very soft to handle serious elderly duties.

However, there is great customer service and excellent mobile applications, plans start at USD 19.95 per month and up to $ 39.95 for the most expensive version.

Wave: A free alternative that gets the job done

If you run a very small business and you are satisfied with basic invoicing, billing, expense tracking and payment services, Wave is worked at the sweet price of USD 0. Cloud-based and accessible by any device you have, Wave is one. It is also a great place to start for payroll facilities but it is a paid add-on.

The most popular accounting software in the market is the QuickBooks. If anytime you are facing issues with its functioning and looking for technical support, you can contact our QuickBooks Support experts by dialing our toll-free number 888-677-5770. Our professional experts are available round the clock to help you out.

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Best Ways To Use QuickBooks Online

The mid-sized and small business owners are increasingly using QuickBooks Online as believing that this accounting software is very economical, flexible and efficient for their in-house accounting needs. But, what most of the businesses are not aware of is that QuickBooks Online can be used for a variety of purposes in a more efficient way to increase productivity and profits. Most of the businesses are not using the QuickBooks Online to its full potential. It is the great software and can be used more efficiently to enhance its productivity and business profit levels. You can also approach the QuickBooks Support team for more assistance and collect the information to use the QuickBooks to its full potential.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Like all other Windows-based applications, there are many keyboard shortcuts which can be applied while using QuickBooks Online to simplify your workings with QuickBooks Online.

Some of the shortcuts are:

  • Ctrl+E – Editing the transaction selected in register
  • Ctrl+I – Creating Invoice
  • Ctrl+F – Finding the Transactions
  • Ctrl+M – Memorizing the transaction or report
  • Ctrl+J – Opening the Customer Center
  • Ctrl+N – Opening new invoice, check, bill or list of item in context
  • Ctrl+Q – Quick Report on Transaction or list item
  • Ctrl+W – Writing New Check
  • Pressing Ctrl while Opening – Opening QuickBooks without company file

Customizing Icon Bar

The QuickBooks Online comes with default icon bar at the top of the home screen. You can modify, remove and add an icon for better suitability of your work needs. You may contact the QuickBooks Support team to learn the ways to modify remove and add icons on the home screen of your QuickBooks online so as to make your working easier and faster

Using QuickBooks Calculator

There are many users that are know versed with the fact that there is an inbuilt calculator in QuickBooks Online which they can use to calculate invoices and transaction without having to use external calc. From the drop-down menu of Edit, you can get the inbuilt calculator of QuickBooks Online and with the calculator, you can use the QuickMath Calculator feature. This is the feature which most of the users are not aware of.

Using Program Preferences

There is a setup wizard which can help the QuickBooks Online users to lay the groundwork for your company, however, it is not comprehensive as there are many more decisions which you need to make and that are not covered by the wizard. To open the Preference Windows, you need to click Edit/Preferences and from the options, you can set:

  • Do you Want a One-Windows or Multiple Windows
  • The Default Accounts for Activities like Writing Checks and Paying Bills
  • The Default Annual Interest rates
  • Creating Estimates
  • Using the Inventory and Purchase Order
  • If you want to use Payroll
  • Set Reminders you would like
  • Changing the Sales Tax
  • Tracking Time

Exporting Reports to Excel

QuickBooks Online Reports are modifiable, but they are not powered by Excel to manipulate and format data and run what-if scenarios. You can expert QuickBooks reports to excel. You may approach the QuickBooks Support team to learn the steps to export QuickBooks reports to excel. Another newest version of QuickBooks is enterprise, it is the most used version of the software. If the user is having any issues with its functionality, they can contact our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number 888-677-5770.

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Double the efficiency of QuickBooks with new Gmail invoice feature

Running a business is quite a job. It’s not at all easy and involves a lot of work like entering and managing bulks of data. Also, handling of the invoices requires a lot of time and effort and the businessmen are found in need of help.

What if you didn’t need to leave Gmail and open a new tab to create a professional invoice? Sounds pretty good, right. The new Gmail add on with QuickBooks, helps you with the same.

What is QuickBooks?

Marketed and developed by the company ‘Intuit ‘, QuickBooks is an accounting software. It has various internet-based features for example remote payroll assistance, online payment and outsourcing services etc.

What is the Gmail add-on feature with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks, in integration with Google Gmail, has introduced a new add-on feature. This feature enables the users of QuickBooks to receive online payments and create and send professional invoices directly through Gmail.

Before the Gmail invoicing feature of QuickBooks, the users had to go through the tedious process of transferring the from the G suite (the group of smart apps developed by Google, includes Gmail, docs, calendar, and drive, specially designed for businesses) to QuickBooks. The process was long and had quite a significant probability of mistakes creeping in the records. By the introduction of Gmail invoicing, which works in direct collaboration with QuickBooks, the need for transferring the data has been eliminated.

Benefits of this feature:

This feature of QuickBooks in collaboration with Google has achieved a great response from the business community of the world. It has many benefits for example:

1- It has made maintaining the record of invoices very easy.
2- You can easily create and send invoices.
3- It saves a lot of time.
4- Keeps all the information synchronized.
5- You can even edit and make changes to the invoices you have sent. The changes would show in the invoice, next time the customer opens it.
6- It also allows you to see when your customer saw the invoice that you have sent.
7- Reduces the chances of errors and mistakes.
8- All the information regarding the invoices stays organized in one place.
9- Every record is up to date.

How to use the new add-on Gmail invoicing:

You can start using the QuickBooks Gmail invoice feature; just follow the following simple steps:
1- Open your Gmail account (creates a Gmail account if you don’t have one and log in).
2- Install the QuickBooks invoicing for Gmail.
3- Return to Gmail account and click on the QuickBooks icon on the top right corner of the Gmail window.
4- A separate dialog box will open, click on the ‘authorize access ‘.
5- Allow the QuickBooks app access to your Gmail account.
6- If you are an existing user of the QuickBooks app, simply log in with your Intuit account.
7- If you don’t have a QuickBooks account, create an account with Intuit and log in.

If you are still facing issues in Gmail invoice features, you can contact our experts by dialing our QuickBooks Support Number 888-677-5770.

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Trust QuickBooks – A Smart Business Software

QuickBooks is worth the investment of time that you make, you can look forward for using this tool. It is equipped with all sorts of features which can strengthen your business in a promising manner. QuickBooks remains the latest innovation to boost your business. Check out this guide which can help you a lot in how to incorporate the QuickBooks in your business.

This is a smart business tool which lets you perform the following functions:
- QuickBooks technical support
- QuickBooks Support
- QuickBooks helpline number
- QuickBooks Errors
- QuickBooks Consulting
- Bookkeeping Services
- Bookkeeping
- Accounting

As you saw from the above features that QuickBooks is a multitasker which performs multiple functions for you. It is easier to keep track of various solutions regarding the business operations. The main area of concern is that it contributes a lot in calculating your profits in the easiest possible manner. Biggest benefit of using this tool is that it can reduce the number of hours you spend in performing crucial operations.

When you are in dire need of help, these guys are there to help you out. It is better to call on the number being provided in the website where the customer care people will guide you through.

How QuickBooks helps your business?

When it is not easy to calculate the profits you have earned, QuickBooks comes to your rescue. There are different kinds of business operations which need to be carried out and the above operations will surely help you out. This software lets the work gets delivered to you in the easiest possible ways.

You can look forward for this tool which can even help you in earning the required profits. Intelligent measurements are what you need to carry out to make sure earning profits is an easy thing. There is a wide scope for the business processes that are carried out in a more promising way.

Best part of using tool is that you can use it for various enterprises which can small, medium and so on. As you see this tool is workable for all the enterprises so that your profit gets consolidated in a more promising manner.

Which business purpose QuickBooks serves?

There are set of goals which can get delivered by this QuickBooks Enterprise Support in the easiest possible manner. So check out the following:

- It helps in meeting your business needs in the most effective manner
- Your business problems can get easier to be dealt with
- Your clients can easily understand the business processes in a promising manner
- Your business capacities are going to be easier to get utilized to deliver the best possible results

Significance of QuickBooks

As you see there are ample reasons to use the QuickBooks in your business. This software can perfectly handle your problems related with finances. Once everything gets streamlined, you will accrue the required benefits. All your business requirements can be met easily if you know how to use this tool properly.

This tool delivers the required performance in a way like never before. This software is meant to join the links that are missing which are otherwise very crucial. Even if you have any trouble is using this tool, you are surely going to get a good deal of help. The installation of software remains the best way to get rid of the trouble out of your business.

There are lots of benefits which come alive when you are using the QuickBooks for your business. This tool is considered to be the best in so many ways and this helps the professionals to get the right insight from the data. If you need any kind of technical assistance, you call our QuickBooks Support Number +1-888-677-5770.

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Repairing QuickBooks Online Banking Issues and Errors

QuickBooks have been working relentlessly to make sure that their tools can be used to bring out the best possible solutions in a simple manner. They are implementing high technologies so that the customers do not face any hindrance at their workplace while using the software tool. But unfortunately, it may sometimes happen that due to the presence of bugs or for completely other reasons the customers have to face some inconvenience. Over years small and medium-sized businesses have successfully deployed the resources and tools designed by QuickBooks and have gained profit in business. But when faced with an issue instead of approaching the customer service they have approached social media to let people know about their grievance. It is to be noted that when faced with trouble the customers surely have the right to express their displeasure but contacting the customer service will serve them better and help them to get rid of the trouble in no time.
In years, it has been noted that the most frequent problem that most QuickBooks users have faced is an issue with connecting to the bank using the QuickBooks software tool. If you are facing similar problems, do not hesitate to approach QuickBooks Support team for help and assistance to get rid of the issues. You can evade the problem once and for all. Apart from calling on QuickBooks Support number which is a toll-free one, you can also contact QuickBooks Support team over the chat service or can drop a mail with your problem written in details.
Some of the common reasons because of which you as a customer may face technical problems are as follows:-

  • Technical problem with your bank or financial institution
  • There may be the server issue.
  • They may have changed the server setup.
  • They may have updated the Web Connect or Direct Connect mechanism.
  • Your online banking may be inactive.
  • There may be a technical issue with your internet connection.
  • You may be facing technical issues because of one or more company file accounts.
  • There may be the incompatibility issue with the download or import format.
  • You may be using a discontinued edition of QuickBooks or Windows OS.

Knowing about the common reasons that give rise to maximum issues next time whenever you face any trouble, you can look for one of the above-mentioned problems and can try to solve the issue on your own. But be assured that QuickBooks Support team is at your service 24*7 and will be more than happy to serve you.
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